I would like to tell you all a little about myself and about real meaning of Independence to me. I served the Indian Air Force as a Short Service Commissioned Lady Officer and post my accident in 2014 I was constantly unwell and in hospitals undergoing treatment for my facial, spinal and right knee injuries. Hence I took premature separation this year from IAF. and consumed all my energies in bettering my health to become a stronger and fitter version of myself. Hence my journey of getting back in shape started. As we have one body gifted by the almighty we have to keep it in best way, take care of it. It’s the most valuable gift God has gifted us. We need to nurture and value it. I focused on honing my skills of writing poetry and fitness. Pursuing my passion I got my poems published into a Book and started posting workout videos to track my fitness journey and keep myself and others motivated.

All of you should only do what your soul, your Intuition tells you to and FIND THAT ONE THING THAT SETS YOU FREE.
Don’t be chained by others thoughts or views about you. Do what sets you free in which you FIND REAL INDEPENDENCE!

The journey started on 27th of Sep in the beautiful valley, situated in Uttarakhand. I did my schooling from Convent of Jesus and Mary. I was extremely active in sports, thus remained a relay runner throughout my school tenure while participating in various sports Competition with great Enthusiasm. Further, I decided to pursue Engineering and therefore did Engineering from Uttarakhand. After Engineering another milestone was waiting for me in the form of Indian Air Force. My passion for Sports & Science led me towards IAF in 2009. I fulfilled my Responsibilities as a Technical Lady Officer at various locations through out India, including Delhi, Bangalore, Baroda etc. I underwent high intensity rigorous physical and mentally strenuous training while in IAF. One of the most significant role for me was to look after technical aspects of testing the Pechora Missiles as a member of an Elite team.

When everything was going smooth in my life, an unfortunate incident took place on 30 Sep 2014, which shook my life to its core! I was hit by an over speeding car while I was walking inside the premises of Airforce Station Delhi. From 30th Sep of 2014, I have gone through extremely difficult circumstances, physically & mentally. I suffered multiple injuries including facial, spinal & knee. My Right knee underwent 4 operations while I kept shifting from one Army hospital to another. I was admitted in private hospitals too during those times, which comprise of precious two & half years of my youth. I should have been actively leading a social & healthy lifestyle but instead was succumbed to wheelchair, walking stick. Battling physical amd mental pain whilst on bed rest I wrote Poems emanating the Emotions I underwent while suffering and recuperating from my various illnesses. I had broken my front 6 teeth, and took Bone Tuberculosis antibiotic heavy medications for my 4 times operated Right knee. Also I was detected with L4 – L5 disc prolapse in my spinal cord.

But all these hurdles and trying times I took in positive stride and strived towards becoming a better, fitter, healthier version of myself. Emerging a Fighter!