Terms and Conditions.
The monthly charges will be Rs 10,000 per person per month 6 days a week .
The monthly charges for training 5 days a week will be Rs 8,000 per person per month.
The Complete fees will be paid in advance at the beginning of the monthly training session.
The fees once paid is Non Refundable under any Circumstances .
The training classes missed on the part of the client due to vacations, holidays, personal reasons will not be compensated for later.
The training classes missed on the part of Trainer, due to unavoidable circumstances will be covered for and compensated later that month of training.
Trainer will create an exercise program geared to Client's fitness level and experience in order to meet Client's objectives.
Client agrees to inform the Trainer of any and all conditions, medical or otherwise, that may affect his/her ability to participate in Training Session.
Privacy Policy
Training Sessions :-The Training Sessions will include: stretching, bodyweight exercises, HIIT, resistance aka weights based training. Exercises will be designed depending on what equipment the client has access to.
Training Time :- It will be 45 mins to an hour of class and timing once set for the class will remain mostly the same, until and unless both the trainer and client agree upon a flexible time which fIts the trainer's schedule.